Translation, SNS Writing

For those using Japanese and for all Asian social networkers

Japanese–English & English–Japanese

Experienced translators, for both language pairs

With over 15 years in Japan and full-time jobs that require me to translate, I’m well-qualified for this work. Also, I partner with expert Japanese-to-English translators when you need the reverse pair.

While I do not do legal, medical, or general purpose translations, I typically offer this service together with my other services such as web conversion, marketing & sales writing, and editing.

Expand your SNS reach

If you only post in your home language, you’re missing out on a global audience. For Japanese social networkers, I can translate your posts and offer hashtag suggestions. For those from other countries, I can edit your English and offer hashtag suggestions. And of course, you’re welcome to follow me on Instagram.


Want to use English to gain followers on Instagram, Facebook, and other SNS?
Let's make it happen.

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