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As an Asian business, you should be using social media to close the distance with your customers. These are some things we can work on.


  • Setting up your business page
  • Choosing your themes and content
  • English tone for posting
  • Proper response and management
  • Ad buys and incorporation with marketing


  • Setting up your business page
  • Choosing what you will display
  • Choosing effective English hashtags
  • Building your audience
  • Cooperating with other users for mutual gain


  • Setting up your business page
  • Showing business authority
  • Proper post format and how it differs from other SNS
  • Content scheduling
tsujiru - social media for business

Social Media for Business

Social media is not for kids – it’s for business! These days, most Asian companies know they must be on social media, but they’re doing it all wrong. It’s not just in Asia. If you use social media strategically, with focus, for business, you can make huge gains. Just ask some of my customers.

There are 1.49 billion active daily users of Facebook, and 2.49 billion monthly active users.

There are about 7.65 billion people in the world.

That means every day about 20% of the world uses Facebook, and every month, 32.5%

That is a lot of people on social media!

Your company must accept that social media is vital, and it’s not something just for young people. A huge percentage of Facebook users are over 40. Over half of Facebook users use Facebook to help them decide on a purchase. Every company needs a social media presence. But to have any success at social media for business purposes, you must have the following:

  1. Content: Without good content, you’re only wasting space and time, and you may be doing more harm than good.
  2. Focus: Pick three themes and make sure all your posts are consistent with them. Think of your company as a radio station. People expect a certain kind of music or news from you. Your tone, length, and the type of things you re-post should be focused and reliable.
  3. Consistency: You must post regularly: at least 2 or 3 posts a week for Facebook and Instagram, a couple a day for Twitter, at least once a week for LinkedIn.
  4. Patience: Social media often gives no obvious reward unless you already have a loyal following. But if you stay consistent and deliver useful content from your “social radio station,” your followers will come to rely on you.
  5. Confidence and Authority: Do what you do best. You are a business and you are not there to post pictures of cake and animals. Show the world you are good at what you do, and you’re human.

You also need error-free English.

It also helps to have money to put toward paying to boost your social posting. Facebook and Instagram in particular remain a huge bargain in advertising. No other platform has such rich data and lets you target your customers so precisely.

I have managed social media content for a number of companies in Asia, including my own. It takes time and I can help you draw up a course of action. I can show you how to use the content you have, as well as tools to help you manage your efforts.

You need to be ready to put confidence and time into your efforts.

For Asian companies, this is also an area where you can excite your staff, because they can all get involved. They’re all on social media anyway, and will bring energy and ideas. I’ll show you ways I have used social media to help make departments and companies more horizontal.

Contact me to have a look at what you have done so far. Social media is changing and challenging, but there are proven techniques for using it as part of your integrated marketing strategy. I’ll show you what platforms you want to be on, and help you get fully operational in English social media for business.

Main benefits of social media for business:

  • Gain direct contact with your customers and gain valuable insight, for free
  • Show your knowledge and abilities to potential customers
  • Add a human face to your company, no matter what you sell
  • Emphasize the attractive regional and national character of your company
  • Don’t get left behind – social media isn’t a choice anymore