tsujiru - native English marketing copy

These are common bits of advice I give to clients from Asian countries on digital marketing and sales materials for global markets in English. They are also areas I look for and fix or replace.


  • Use the Japanese as a basis, but never translate it directly
  • Japanese tends to repeat things unnecessarily; what’s polite in Japanese is redundant in English
  • Add a human tone and remove the excess formality

South Korea

  • Make sure to use modern and attractive fonts/typefaces designed for English
  • Don’t use abbreviations/acronyms unless they are common or industry-specific
  • Adopt a friendly, but not overly casual tone; many Koreans think “gonna” and “wanna” are actual words


  • Be careful to use accessible English and remove outdated terms common in “Singlish”
  • Don’t get too tied up in technical, overly scientific language
  • Help the client understand how to be polite without sounding cold


  • Pay attention to detail, proofreading, and don’t cut corners
  • Often work within more limited budgets
  • Encourage the client to check, confirm, and ask questions, especially on more technical topics


  • Don’t be overly technical and overly formal, compared with the original Chinese
  • However, add detail rather than relying on nuance
  • Explain local references or eliminate them if they’re not relevant

English Marketing and Sales Copywriting

When you go to an exhibition, trade show, or on sales calls, how do you tell English-speaking customers about your product? Are your marketing and sales materials just translations of the original, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc.? Do you know how to use natural, clear English marketing and sales writing that makes people want to buy? This is a key area where we can massively increase your success.

Marketing and sales approaches in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, among other Asian countries, have a lot of differences from approaches in the United States, United Kingdom, and other countries.

Many Asian countries, for instance, prefer extensive details and use formalized language, even for general top-of-the-funnel marketing materials and general brand awareness-raising. A snowball of mistakes happen when companies try to directly translate the native language into English. The first problem is the translation is usually inaccurate and contains mistakes; most translation does. It’s awkward. It’s unnatural. At least, it needs proofreading or editing. The second problem is that the language keeps the same tone and approach. Further problems are the layout, lack of direction, inability to guide the consumer to a contact or purchase.

Marketing and sales copy in English must be customized to the audience. You need to use a tone and voice that is familiar for the target customer. If you’re working in one country or region, this is easy to identify. If you are writing for a global audience, then you can find a standard, friendly, cooperative tone that will appeal in any country. Apple does a great job with this. So do Amazon, PayPal, and Nike.

As your writer, I’ll first examine your market position and your needs. I’ll look at where you’re marketing and what you have done so far. We’ll check if you have done any market research, and what you found. And we’ll identify why you are producing these materials.

And we will aim at integrated marketing: aligning your brand voice and communication across web, social, print, and other media.

This is the MBA approach that few copywriters consider.

With that information, we can make a plan, see what resources are needed, and make you some fantastic digital marketing copy and traditional print materials. We can also work on ad scripts, promotions, and national campaigns.

Not only that, I can work with your translators and designers, whether they are in-house or agencies.

We may be able to work with a translation, or we may need to create totally new text. Common needs are:

  • Product brochures and pamphlets
  • Product descriptions
  • Advertising text
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Setup guides
  • E-mails and direct response marketing materials

Main benefits of professional English digital marketing copywriting:

  • Increases customer confidence in your product/service
  • Promotes the product/service much more effectively than when you’re using unnatural translations
  • Answers questions customers will have
  • Clears up misunderstandings about your product/service
  • Honestly shows what you can and cannot do
  • Saves time and trouble dealing with customers queries
  • Gets you leads and sales!