Why Copywriting + Photography is a Valuable Combination for Your Web Copy and Digital Content

I can offer you both original native English copywriting and original photography in Japan, Korea, and other parts of Asia. It’s a useful combination, and I really enjoy doing these together.

Why Copywriting and Photography? Why Don’t I Just Do Writing?

My dad worked for Polaroid. He was an inventor and a photographer and filmmaker. Photography is in my blood.

Yet I just never had much interest in it. I took photos, like most us. But they weren’t good. I bought and sold cameras many times: first film then digital.

Then something changed.

I found that photography perfectly matched my hobby of taking long walks in the city. Especially at night, I love to walk, and look, and discover. Tokyo is fantastic for this. I recommend Nakameguro, Shinjuku, Akasaka, and really anywhere you choose. You’ll find bright and dark, loud and quiet. It’s so great.

Taking photos made those walks even more enjoyable, because I had a specific goal.

So I learned to take better photos. I learned quickly. I’m still learning. And I can offer you copywriting with original photography, in Japan, Korea, and across Asia.

The camera lets me do what I like – take photos of real life, quickly, when things are happening normally. I can also use them for landscape and portrait photos. There are better photographers, but I’m pretty good and I know what I’m doing.

My Photography Makes Better Content for You

How do most people take a photo? They see something they want a photo of, and they take it. Right?

If it’s people, they tell them to stand still and “say cheese” and they take the photo. They don’t usually think of the background, or lighting, or angle. That’s fine, and I do that too if I’m in a hurry.

But photography comes to life when I spend time with something or someone I want to photograph. I walk around, look at the lighting and angles. I bend down. I stand on things. I find new perspectives. I also take many photos and delete many of them.

Writing is the same in this way. I spend time with the subject. I research it. I look at it from different angles. Then I have a plan and I can start writing. Sometimes I find a new angle while I’m writing. So I deletes all or some of what I wrote and follow that new angle.

Taking photos helps me at finding perspectives, and never being afraid to start over. A good creator must be ready to throw everything away and start again.

Good Photography Creates a Feeling, an Emotion

Think of a photograph; professional or even someone a friend showed you on an iPhone. Did it make you feel something?

Maybe you felt happiness, regret, nostalgia. A good photo captures a moment in time. It contains feelings and expression, like these popular TV ads. That’s real marketing, not just talking about your benefits and showing your product. It can change your mood.

Good writing does the same.

Outstanding copywriting may also make you happy, regretful, or nostalgic, if those emotions are something we want to connect with your brand or product.

Photography Helps Me Understand You

When I learn about your company, product, and expectations, we use words. If it’s in-person, we also use gesture, body language, and our surroundings.

You will tell me what you want to tell me. And you’ll show me what you want to show me. That’s how I’ll learn to what to write for you.


When I take photos, I’ll find out even more. I’ll see how people interact. I’ll see little details I may have missed, such as a youthful smile, a sparkle in your eye, the great relationship between staff.

These all add understanding. And that leads to even better copywriting and content for your company.

My Photos Add Value and Save Clients Money

When I profile a person or company, I bring my camera. Right now my main cameras are the Panasonic Lumix G9 and Nikon D750. If possible, I include photography as part of the project.

This is win—win.

I get to know more of who I’m writing about because I spend more time with them, see them from different angles. I can also find out what they think of the photos, and I can take them again, or edit them. I also love to take photos as much as I love to write.

The client get original photos for their content, which is so much better than stock photos. My photos give you added value because I’m writing the digital content, the web copy, that will go with them. You’ll save a little money, too.


Enjoyable, Valuable, and Makes Everyone Happy

I can take photos that I like and that other people like. Similar to copywriting, I can also take photos that create an emotion and lead to an action.

We’ll use this added value to make your articles, company’s story, branding, and all original copywriting and content creation, even better.

Use the contact form or email me to ask about copywriting and photography for original content for your company in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and all parts of Asia.

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