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Adam Goulston, MBA, MS, MISD, ELS, CPRW

Writer, Editor, Marketer

Asia is diverse, always rising, always changing. It will soon be the hub of the world’s economy. But some things are slow to change. Many old companies are completely unprepared to communicate in English and to use effective content marketing.

I’ve worked with Silicon Valley and Asian startups. They’re both dynamic, move quickly, and want to be new, different, and communicate their unique value. I’ve also worked with established companies open to change, and with government and academia. There are few freelance copywriters and editors in Japan with as much experience as I have.

I’m American-born, have lived and studied in many places, and Asia has become my home. I live in Tokyo. Asia’s business hubs, common customs, and unique challenges always thrill me, as a businessperson and a simple observer. Asia is in fact countless cultures and ways of thinking under a convenient name. It is in fact a vast array of different cultures, and a hotbed of rising economies.

The rise of businesses, especially startups, in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and increasingly in Southeast Asia is exciting. These companies are ready to be global. They aren’t stuck in old ways. So I work with them to create their image.

Work Experience

  • Copywriter and global content and social media manager at Japanese SaaS firm
  • Copywriter and social media manager for Asian companies
  • Senior scientific language editor
  • Translator (Japanese-to-English)
  • Economic research editor
  • Worked with Tokyo and Bangkok NGOs and UNDP
  • Product and community manager with early Silicon Valley startups


  • MBA, Marketing
  • MS, Health Sciences (public health)
  • MISD (MA equivalent), International Social Development
  • BA, Journalism
  • Board-certified Editor in the Life Sciences (ELS)
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)

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