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Digital Marketing for Asia to the World

Modern marketing and sales communications must, more than ever, must speak in a tone that people use. If your brand voice is overly formal (or overly casual), customers will move on. There are just too many choices these days to waste time with a company that doesn’t understand your needs and wants. If English isn’t your first language, this is even more challenging.

❓What tone do you use for global marketing?
❓Is B2B different from B2C?
❓Can translation be trusted?

With Tsujiru, I help global businesses create and reform their web and marketing copy to appeal across borders or to specific markets. I work with you to find your USPs and expectations, and to clarify your company’s target customers, and speak to them as they want to be spoken to. I bring a global manager’s perspective to all projects. The main services are as follows.

Website, SEO Content

Startups: you often lack writers to explain your company to general audiences. Established companies: you may have old or unnatural text on your site. We’ll add natural, SEO-minded copy and get this right to dramatically increase traffic and sales.
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Marketing and Sales Copy

Your brochures, ads, landing pages, and other customer-facing materials need an integrated and consistent tone, precise language, and personality. This will get leads into your sales funnel. Digital marketing is key.
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Social Media

What you post must be well-suited to the medium. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and local SNS require different approaches. You have to speak to your customers in their language, as well. We’ll get that right.
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Taipei - Tsujiru

Editing, Localization

About 95% of translation is unnatural. I can put two decades of editing, proofreading, and localization at your service so your translated materials don’t sound like word-for-word translations.
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Tsujiru: Getting Your Message through with Copywriting and Content

Tsujiru is a Japanese word that means something like, “get through to”. For Asian companies in areas where English is not an official language, such as Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, being understood is the first concern. After that, there is also tsujiru in getting your message through from a marketing perspective. Asian languages translated to English are often too formal and unnatural. To the reader, this feels cold. To get through to customers around the world, I apply language skills with MBA-informed marketing theory. The result is natural and compelling language that gets your message through and connects you with your target consumer. That’s tsujiru defined.

Tsujiru digital content customers are mainly from:

Japan (where I’m based)
South Korea
Hong Kong
Other ASEAN countries

As well as countries that do business with Asia

Recent Projects - 2019

These are a few things I’m at work on or have done in the past few months. For specific examples, please see my portfolio on Contently.

Blog and Marketing

Japan-based SaaS Firm

SEO-optimized blog writing, marketing materials, coordinating and guiding overseas writing staff

Facebook & Ad Copy

Tokyo-based Novelty Company

Facebook copywriting for promotions and campaigns, refining text for global online B2C sales

Scientific Press Releases

Asian Researchers

Press releases for distribution via EurekAlert!, based on health and IT scientific manuscripts

Landing Pages & Google Ads

Asia-based Researcher Support Company

Landing page text and Google ad copy fitted to the company’s personas for PPC and funnel entry

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