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Native English copywriting, content strategy, translation, multilingual homepage creation, certified editing

Increase Leads, Sales, and Profits

Content Creation, Planning, and Editing for Japan, Korea, and Asia

The Asia Content Solution

Asia will soon be the world’s economic hub. Whether you have a company in Tokyo, Seoul, Taiwan, or elsewhere, of if you’re doing business in Asia, Tsujiru is for you. This content service is based in Tokyo, using an agile staff of experts in Japan, Korea, and other parts of Asia. 

Global Asian companies need to market and communicate in English. Machine translation or English by non-natives are not adequate, and can damage your brand. The new global economy won’t allow is. There’s too much competition. Companies need 100% natural English. Only a few specialists can provide it. I’m one of them. As a copywriter and editor in Japan, I serve firms and individuals in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and other Asian countries.

Now you don’t have to take chances with cheap freelance sites, or overpay for agencies that assign your work to young staff. Tsujiru is professional and proven.

Whether you’re an Asian company or a foreign company in Asia, your content will have both quality and first-hand insight. I can guarantee that.

Content Creation & Optimization Solutions

Copywriting, Content, SEO Optimization

Website content, landing pages, email sequences, blogs...

Copywriting motivates people to buy a product, download info, schedule a demo, etc. Everything else is just writing. Also, English copywriting is different from Japanese, Korean, or Chinese. And if it’s not SEO-optimized, customers won’t find it and Google won’t serve it up.

Homepages, landing pages, e-mail drip campaigns, PPC, blog posts, you name it. We’ll refine your goals and create words to achieve them. We’ll also tailor them for SEO, and ROI!

For: Asian businesses going global, or global businesses working in Asia.

English Website Conversion/Creation

Convert an Asian website to English, or make a new site

If you designed your homepage in Japanese, Korean, or Chinese, and then copied that style for your English page, it’s probably not working well. English writing, tone, and design works differently. So does SEO, whether it’s for organic reach, PPC success, or brand recognition.

We’ll convert the language, style, and UX (user experience) for global English customers.

For: Asian businesses that want to sell in English

Marketing & Sales Writing, Photography

Writing (and translation)

Clear, intelligent English for annual reports, IR materials, CSR, and other reports. With degrees in journalism, marketing, and health sciences, I’ll handle reporting, research, and meet your requirements. In Japan, I can coordinate Japanese-language materials and translations.


If you need a profile of a company in Japan or elsewhere in Asia, I can travel there with professional gear. I’ll provide high-quality photos of facilities, people, whatever you need.

For: Asian or foreign companies and organizations

Translation & SNS Writing

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter English

Get original posts in English to grow your social media presence worldwide. Or translate your Japanese posts to English within 24 hours. Hashtags, too.

Japanese-to-English, English-to-Japanese translation

For marketing, advertising, and other purposes. Speak to the English or Japanese world in natural, localized language by native translators.

Certified Editing & Proofreading, Localization

Board-Certified Editor

I’m a BELS-certified scientific editor, as well as a trained journalist. Very few native speakers have this range of experience. As I’ve also worked in B2B, B2C, and civil society, I can edit and rewrite your English for a conversational, engaging tone, even for complex and scientific subjects.

Why Choose Tsujiru

A Bridge Across Cultures, with Lived Experience

Asia-based Insight

For Asian companies or for foreign companies working with or in Asia. Double power of a native English speaker managing your work across cultures, from within Asia.

Personalized Attention

You're working directly with me, as I identify your needs and assemble a course of action together with you. You're not just another account and you'll always be a top priority.

Real-World Perspective

I've worked in Asian companies, NGOs, universities, and governmental ministries. You'll get skills with perspective, and an experience, certified writer.


What My Clients Say

Even though we have highly specialized products, Tsujiru and Adam learned about them as if they were experts. This really helped our English marketing
Annie K.
Manufacturing company, Busan, Korea
This was just the service I was looking for. I really appreciate the knowledge and accuracy you put into the editing and translation you provided.
Naomi S.
International NGO, Tokyo, Japan
Adam provided a personal level of service that I really needed. He fully understood our services and created valuable text.
Kanako H.
Importer, Kobe, Japan

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